STAWI offers both actions, Training and or Facilitation services in order to build capacities as well as creating knowledge bases of its clients (developmental partners) in order to addressing raised developmental issues. Training sessions are rolled-out based on teaching actions offered to targeted groups as on specific demanded to address certain case through provision of skills needed to develop knowledge base. Facilitation interventions get offered through developed approach established to help clients who works through developed processes to attain capacity to manage developmental challenges. With number of professional trainers and consultant, STAWI offers this program adequately..


  1. Basic Life Skills and entrepreneurship
  2. Business Development Service
  3. Financial management
  4. Operational Management – including processing interventions
  5. Sales and Marketing Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Business Linkage
  8. Legal Issues and compliances
  1. Good Agricultural practice
  2. Financial management
  3. Resources Mobilization
  4. Governance and Accountability
  5. Leadership Management and Administration
  6. Organization and staff Development
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation
  8. Project Planning and Management
  9. Policy analysis and advocacy
  10. Value Chain Development and Management programs
  11. Technology Transfer an partnerships
  12. Human rights based approaches
  13. Etc


Also, STAWI work to increase crops production by smallholder farmers by facilitate

  1. SHFs’ access to fertile / virgin land by advocating provision of Certificate of customary Rights of Occupancy
  2. SHFs access to local and international agricultural markets
  • Collaboration between SHFs and private sector partners to provide support at every stage along the value chain.
  1. SHFs’ access to quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides
  2. SHFs access to financial services,
  3. SHFs acquisition to crop insurance
  • SHFs with abilities to processes agricultural products produced
  • Facilitate safe post-harvest storage and management,

SHFs linkage to equitable and safe  transportation means of their  products from farm to market

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