STAWI offers Governance and Accountability training, facilitation, advice, mentoring, and coaching to developmental partners to create understandable knowledge, skills, and expertise for managing groups, SMEs, Cooperative Unions, and organizations. This package aims to develop supremacy interventions within societies and or organizations. The ultimate focus of this developmental package is to improve collective performance within unifications.

The significance of governance and accountability package to developmental organizations, specifically farmers’ unifications, is to develop a form of liability that refers to who and for what, and what will be accountable for any action /intervention done within and outside the organization. Governance and Accountability state obligations of the holder of the trust and power and provide accountability on presenting and reporting all activities in the unification. It also gives assurance for the framework that the person has to hold responsibility and accountability within associations.

Skills developed to lead decision-makers within an entity – the groups, SMEs, Apex Organizations, and others will guide judgmental interventions based on authority given to persons responsible. Forms of liability depending on the type of unification. Accountability basically provides very important roles in creating good governance as a part of improving collective integrity, confidence, and resilience, trustworthy as well as performance within the unification.

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